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american sunset

the banking industry being taken over by the government! the auto industry being subsidized by the government! house after house being forclosed upon. jobs, going going gone. the middle class a distant memmory. america is now a land of the poor and the rich. there is no middle class let for the government to take from. nazi germany didnt start over night. in 1938 munich it was just a bunch of jokers spending a sunday afternoon in the beer garden. by 1942 the beer garden bacame a place for a million to die. the american dream is changing, little by little day after day. until when the sunsets on america "what was" will be a distant memory. it's sunday 1938 in the beer garden all over again! the more the government gains control over the private sector the closer we get to munich! when there is no justice all that will be left is just us, and not WE THE PEOPLE!


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