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2475 days ago.
by FormerValleyGirl

Concerned about safety

I went through the Moundsville penitentiary haunted house for the first time ever. had my 12 year old with me. The event was great! But there was a chubby sour looking lady at the concessions with the rudest mouth. she talked about how children are migraines to her. she was calling every female customer that came in (possibly me too) a c-word. Someone called her Amanda. she was joking about smoking pot while at work and making fun of some of the people in the event. I asked one of the workers there where she worked and it apparently is the city of Moundsville. Kinda bothered that they said no one will talk to her about her behavior after I asked them to. I was informed she is "special to her boss". Just worried if she is on drugs ,why is she allowed around children events? any one else been to this event have any similar problem?


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The City of Moundsville employees are pictured on their government website. See if any of them are here and report it. If I drove all the way back to Moundsville to do the pen tour and the "c" bomb was dropped on me by a worker..the safety issue would be hers. That's ridiculous...what happened to being a lady, at least in public during working hours?

Posted 2475 days ago.

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