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2301 days ago.
by WVMOM21

Ormet Opinions

What are your thoughts on the Ormet ruling? Disregarding the affect the ruling will have on our community and local economy, should Ormet have been given what they asked for, or were they out of line? I, like all local citizens, am devastated that so many will lose their jobs, but it seems that Ormet entered into a contract that they are obligated to abide by. What are your opinions?


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I too am sorry that so many local residents will lose their job because of the Ormet ruling. However, I will say that I feel Ormet received a more than fair offer for their electricity. There are far too many people in this country, not to mention businesses, that think they are entitled to a hand-out from everyone else. I think it was very unfair that local customers of AEP would have to pay more for electricity just to keep Ormet in business. Poor management was a big part of the failure of Ormet.

Posted 2301 days ago.

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