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2675 days ago.
by MyThoughtsOnThisSubject

Hey, Who Is Sticking Up for the Main Street Trees?

As a child everyone is exposed to the story of George Washington and the cherry tree. It is debatable if Washington really did deliver the fatal blow to his father's beloved tree. As the story goes, Washington nobly confessed and responded that he, "could not tell a lie." Many agree that the story was created to illustrate Washington's honesty and integrity. This leaves me wondering, who cut down New Martinsville’s "cherry trees?" These gifts of nature lined our Main Street, shaded our local businesses, and were the quintessential symbol of small town America. It has broken many citizens' hearts to see them so hastily removed. I am shocked to not have seen mention of this in our local newspaper.I believe our citizens deserve honesty and integrity regarding whose decision this was. George Washington is not here to take the blame for this one.


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Maybe their root systems (could've) interfered with sewage and water lines, if not now, down the road.

Posted 2675 days ago.



Posted 2682 days ago.


its awful! something needs to be done about this! this town has a lot of nasty areas and potholed streets we don't need to make it uglier. If anything things should be done to make this town look better. get rid of the rundown old houses and buildings that are not occupied. create small gardens in their places fix the parks! plant the trees! hang some flower baskets!

Posted 2683 days ago.

I noticed this myself and like yourself, saw nothing in the paper(s), nothing on any news..NOTHING! Why did this happen? Why did they feel it necessary to remove what looked like very healthy trees? Trees grow over many years and trimming is something that helps them grow more healthy, but completely removing them has caused the less than scenic "downtown" area to look even more bleak...What's the deal? Who is responsible for this? I think we all deserve answers!

Posted 2686 days ago.

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