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2487 days ago.
by MyThoughtsOnThisSubject

Gun Control

What stance do you take in the gun control debate? Would new gun-control laws affect you? If you wouldn’t mind commenting and elaborating, your remarks could be printed in a future issue of the Wetzel Chronicle.


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Plain and simple: If someone breaks into my home, I have the right to protect myself and won't hesitate to do so with a gun that I legally purchased after having a background check.

Posted 2487 days ago.


So you don't need a permit to tuck your gun in your jacket anymore Mr. Schaefer?

Posted 2555 days ago.


“Citizens Take Aim At Gun Control Laws,” January 16, 2013, Wetzel Chronicle, New Martinsville, WV

On the local level, the position against any more gun control appears to be overwhelming. Local gun shop owner Bill Talkington adamantly opposes new gun control laws, stating "(Nationwide), "We've got 22,000 gun laws now, and hardly any of them are even enforced. It's already illegal to own fully automatic handguns or rifles."

The federal assault weapons ban was allowed to expire by President Bush and the Congress in the fall of 2004. They haven’t been illegal for at least 9 years. We don't need any more legislation.

"We've got plenty."

In West Virginia, there are only two gun laws: (1) Employers not forced to allow firearms in parking lots, and (2) No Guns on College Campuses. There is no ban on assault weapons, no ban of large capacity magazines, no records of ownership or ammunition purchases, no finger printing, no psychiatric records, …. See the Brady

Posted 2555 days ago.


i think the government will be careful with what laws they put on gun control for one thing they dont want people thinking they dont have control on the bad situations with gun problems and another thing is they also are not stupid enough to go too far on gun control so the people dont start their own militas against them. i belive the government should control on certain guns like assault rifles and hand guns, they were designed to kill humans and should be on strict laws . and as for hunting guns i think shouls be ok with a certain amount anda class for hunting taken. but Haters gonna hate! lol :)

Posted 2559 days ago.


Gun control has been tried over and over throughout history. It doesn't work. Address the issues, work the problem, and stop trying to find someone or something to blame it on. Albert Einstein said, "Insanity is doing the exact same thing over again and expecting a different result". More gun control laws are not the answer.

Posted 2569 days ago.


Still the best gun controls is " Grip tightly with both hands" As far as our children its not video games, tv or movies. Its parents or the lack of. If people who reproduce would also work at being involved parents alot of these tragedies in the recent time wouldn't have happened. Don't blame guns, blame the criminals. New "Gun Control laws" will only work to further burden the law abiding tax payers that support this country now. How about some new "Entitlement reform" ? Help those who are willing to help themselves. And before someone jumps on it I know one has nothing to with the there I beat you to it.

Posted 2571 days ago.


The government may be struggling about gun control, but wait until they track how much ammunition you can buy in a certain tim period.

Our mental health system is not adequate. Also,parents may not be monitoring their kids as well as they should, including their medical needs, including mental concerns. Finally, I fear that we are raising a generation of sociopaths/psychopaths that have NO idea of consequences created by their choices, or do not care about their consequences. Ironically, the most connected generation in history is seriously disconnected when it comes to person-to-person relationships.

Posted 2573 days ago.


"Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain - and most fools do." ~~ Benjamin Franklin

Posted 2575 days ago.


Learn to read, you drug numbed effing idiot.

Posted 2575 days ago.


"God" gave us guns? Jesus!

Posted 2575 days ago.


It is ridiculous and naive to think that, in order to control the actions of the criminally insane, we should ban weapons (of any type) to ALL law abiding citizens against their constitutional rights, which are given to us by Nature and Nature’s God.

Only a mental midget would buy into logic like that.

“They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither safety nor liberty.” ~~ Benjamin Franklin

Posted 2575 days ago.


Very well stated. Forget my first statement. Gerald hit it out of the park as far as I'm concerned.

Posted 2575 days ago.

Guns are certainly a factor in this debate because they are so easily available. However, I think a far more important factor is the way our culture has developed in the last several decades. Human life has lost value and is regarded as basically disposable when justified. The media, movies, tv, video games, etc., and probably the most to blame – wars, have created a culture that portrays killing as an acceptable behavior. It only has to be rationalized. Our government rationalizes war as a means to protect us from some, largely, exaggerated evil. The government hegemony vilifies and demonizes our so called enemy so that killing vermin, i.e., human beings is acceptable. Collateral damage then becomes nothing more than a necessary evil. We know how many innocent children were killed in Newtown, but do we know how many have been killed in Iraq? Does it even matter? When the media and the government quit killing people, so will its citizens.

Posted 2575 days ago.


We have gun control. Much like everything else the government tries to regulate, there are ways around it. The phrase "the only thing that can stop a bad guy with a gun, is a good guy with a gun" is completely rediculous. That equates to twice as many guns being sold. The only way to eliminate gun violence is to eliminate guns. Until that happens, I'm keeping mine.

Posted 2575 days ago.

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