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2553 days ago.
by FormerValleyGirl

Does difference matter?

Does anyone know the difference in maid and made; there, their and they're; know and no; you're and your, etc????? Spell check is a wonderful asset to a word processor but it does not check grammar. Shouldn't we have learned the proper use of these common words long before we are out of high school???


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I guess irony and sarcasm aren't a universal language?

Posted 2553 days ago.


Pot... kettle... both black.

Posted 2562 days ago.


I don't know that it is even a matter of "kids nowadays." I have noticed that I have had to remove from my Facebook several people that I graduated with (more than 15, less than 20) years ago that...i simply cant stand to read there posts because they are so full of grammar mistakes and not one bit of punctuation that it actually makes my head hert to try to figure out what they are saying which generally just tends to be a description of what they are having for dinner or how their kid did something cute to them i guess.

:) Sorry for that.

Posted 2562 days ago.

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