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1869 days ago.
by danger23

Wetzel County Hospital

What is wrong at Wetzel County Hospital. Over the last few years, more and more of the better nurses and staff have left and no changes to the problems have been made to retain people. Management seems to be clueless, hiring people unable to actually do the job they are getting well paid for. Verbal abuse and intimidation by a nurse who was police escorted from another area hospital for verbally abusing a supervisor and any time a report is filed they now have an attorney working in the hospital that is not on retainer as a lawyer but "sits in" on any of these meetings with employees. WCH has turned a blind eye to the community and has instead turned into some nightmare that is top heavy with incompetence that they are running the hospital into the ground. Oh and of of the few upper management people at WCH has just resigned. Putting the staff there at even a worse point. How much more is going to take place before someone on the board wakes up and cleans house?


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So, MOUNTANEERFAN75....What does it matter if she has Medicaid or not. The forum is about the substandard service rendered at Wetzel County Hospital.

Posted 1869 days ago.


So, Caraleeann10- You are a Radiologist? or a Radiologic Technologist? You can read an xray,? especially on a 4 year old with growth plates, etc? Why bother with an ER then? You are a "Doctor"- diagnose it and treat it yourself..I suspect your Medicaid wouldn't allow that now, would it????

Posted 1870 days ago.


The nurse tells me that there are people in there with real problems they'd get to her eventually! She was 8 months old had the rotovirus, ended up having to be stuck 11 times with no luck until Dr Ekanem came in and got IV on first try and she was hospitalized for 5 days. Some, not all, but some of the people there have no compassion toward other human beings and should not work there, like the doctor who laughed at the desk outside my er room when I went in for miscarriage and kept making comments asking me if I thought I had miscarried a worm. The bad thing is when your in an emergency 45 mins to wheeling seems forever so wch is where you end up and you spend the whole time kicking yourself in the butt for being there.

Posted 2008 days ago.


Its an absolute joke. I took my 4 year old son in with a weird rash, nodules on his head, red hot swollen joints and eyes, told me it was an allergic reaction, then started taking tube after tube of blood, what they didn't tell us they were giving him a shot at the same time. He had a needle in his arm taking blood when a nurse whom I've been at it with before comes in and jabs a needle in his leg with no warning waited 6 hours while his symptoms got worse sent us home saying he had an alllergic reaction. He is now absolutely terrified to even talk about the doctors let alone go to one. Two years prior he broke his leg and was being sent out the door with no restrictions no break til I asked to see the xray, turns out his tibia was broke in two places and spent 10 weeks casted. A few months later my daughter became very ill so took her in, sat in waiting room while they took 3 other people back that came in after us not having heart attacks, so finally I say something and the nurse...

Posted 2008 days ago.


You can file a complaint against the physician with the State of WV. The form can be found online at www dot wvbom dot wv dot gov/COMPLAINT%20FORM.pdf

Posted 2462 days ago.


I called the supervisor to no avail and I am so worried about my mothers health that I am considering speaking to a lawyer to see what they can do about this doctors not only unprofessional but violent behavior. If he thinks he is tough for screaming and demeaning a sickly crippled senior citizen lady I think he deserves to lose his medical license!!!!

Posted 2464 days ago.


My mother is a senior citizen 67 years old who visited the ER on 4/30/13 and was so rudely screamed at in front of multiple people including myself by a doctor in there that she immediately left in tears! He slammed her papers on the counter, slammed the door shut really hard and screamed in her face all because she was visiting for a twisted knee and wanted an x ray and told him she didn't want anymore blood work because her arms are all purple from being in the hospital for a week prior her visit to WCH. He was so irate he scared my 7 year old child and she begged us to leave so we got up without signing the discharge papers and left immediately. My mother has been through so much within the past week with her health she almost died and she did NOT deserve this kind of treatment and insisted on me taking her home even though she needs to be looked at! She is now so upset because of his violent behavior that she is refusing to get looked at at all and this has me extremely worried.

Posted 2464 days ago.


I find the bahavior of the WCH staff to be less than professional. I went to the "ER" twice in the past year unable to walk. The staff shoved me out in the middle of the waiting room while I was sweating, vomiting, and had no since of balance. I thought I might be having a heart attack. The woman at the front desk was no where to be found, but I could hear her in the backround laughing with the other hospital personnel. After they had called my name,they motioned for me to come back in the "ER". They refused to assist me. I could not move the wheel chair because I was vomiting non stop and my hands were covered with sweat. I got up and staggered towards them and fell on top of the woman sitting at the table. I was there for several hours and upon leaving, the pushed me back in the waiting room and said I needed to make arrangements for a ride home. The staff member walked off and so did the receptionist leaving me alone. But still, I could hear them in the backroun

Posted 2475 days ago.


I suggest people utilize the EZ Care before the ER! Friend took her 3 yr old up with foul smelling drainage from his nose. No one checked his nose, throat, or ears. gave antibiotics. ten days later she calls, I said go to EZ Care. NP removed 8 inches of cotton batting the child had pushed up his nose! Antibiotic probably saved him from brain infection. I said return to hospital & demand your 100 copay back! they gave it to her! Even a RN is capable of doing an exam on the child. Will take someone dying & lawsuit before they clean it up!

Posted 2493 days ago.

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