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WOW! Couldn't the Chronicle used someone more respectable to use a quote from for the Relay For Life Softball Event???????

I am shocked the editor of the Wetzel Chronicle would allow the quote of a conviceted Felon to be placed atop the front page of the Sports section. I mean come on. How many chances are we going to give this guy. Of all of the great people who attended the Relay for Life Softball Tourny you use a quote from a guy who not only has done a pretty good job at ruining his own life, but that has also effected so many others in a negative way. After being out of jail for a month I know for a fact he is still harrassing and threating more than one person in the area. I am deeply disturbed that he was released early in the first place. It just blows my mind that The Chronicle would use a quote from this person to try to make it appear as if he was a changed man. He may not be into the same things that he was before his incarceration but I'll be interested to see what happens when he is allowed to make decisions on his own. Don't be fooled! WTH Chronical?????


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