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Wetzel County Sheriifs Deputies

Anyone ever notice how the sheriffs department has a major set of double standards? If we the public lie to an officer we are in major trouble, but they can lie to the public and get away with it all because they have a badge. And deputies can still carry a gun and wear the badge when charged with domestic battery, assault or violence but if an ordinary citizen gets charged with the same thing they are treated like a dog. An incident occured a week ago where a citizen was threatened to be kicked by a Wetzel county sheriff's deputy and belittled in front of other people who were in no way involved. Another officer belittled his spouse in front of numerous other people and threatened to take her to jail for making a false statement in which she did not. they claimed to have warrants on this person but surprisingly no one could find them. Nor was there any record of warrants being issued for this person.


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