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2776 days ago.
by oldlady
Festival Of Memories

Posts: 0 - I hope everyone was able to get out in the community and enjoy a wonderful day w/ their family. I know mine had a great time.

Piney Homecoming

Posts: 0 - Time Saturday, July 23 · 12:00pm - Location Piney WV at Patty Halls house Bring a Covered dish and a gift (new or used) to be auctioned off and spend the day with old friends and make some new..

2792 days ago.
by william

Posts: 0 - WELL WELL WELL...NEW MARTINSVILLE'S FINEST HAVE STRUCK AGAIN....and what a group of Losers..

2803 days ago.
by keepinemstraight
WVU Coach Bill Stewart in the News

Posts: 0 - I don't know Coach Stewart personally, but my impression of him is that he seems like a good guy.

2806 days ago.
by FormerWildcat
Don Mason

Posts: 0 - Great news from our County Cmmissioner in regards to his states about the Alabama company and hiring of illegal.

2807 days ago.
by FormerWildcat
2810 days ago.
by Dumbledore
Larry Edgell Neo-Liberal

Posts: 0 - Against everying FDR stood for. I don't know what he did in the Navy. I'd be afriad to ask.

91.5 FM, WRSG

Posts: 0 - 91.5 FM, WRSG is once again presenting its "Summer Knights Radio Show," courtesy of Cunningham Energy in Charleston. We begin tomorrow morning (moved up from June 20th).

2814 days ago.
by FormerWildcat
rental rates in new martinsville

Posts: 0 - im a single working mother who doesent qualify for low income housing trying to find a place for rent in new martinsville,but every week in the green tab the very few places for rent in new...

2815 days ago.
by FormerWildcat
Proposal to Change Town & Country Days to "Country Days"

Posts: 0 - Year after year the headliner is some washed up country singer. For once could they bill a rock n roll headliner.

2817 days ago.
by oldlady
North Street railroad tracks

Posts: 0 - Has anyone else noticed the condition of those tracks? They are shot. So rough and full of holes. The wood in them is just about gone in places.

2822 days ago.
by FormerWildcat
School service personnel

Posts: 0 - It amazes me that the service personnel are never recognized for all they do.

2825 days ago.
by js2721
NTB in New Martinsville

Posts: 0 - I recently took my car to NTB to have new tires installed and was told that my vehicle also needed a new air filter. I agreed to the new air filter and was charged for it.

2826 days ago.
by grannyariel
I agree with snopes

Posts: 0 - I've been in Pine Grove 50 years and I've NEVER seen anything like this undertaker in all my life. I don't blame smopes, this is enough to gag a maggot.

2829 days ago.
by InMyOpinion
Bicycles for NMPD

Posts: 0 - Regarding the new Crown Vics to be purchased, wouldn't it make sense for officers to use bikes, heck, even motorcycles in the spring/summer/early fall???? NM is not a big area, and definitely not i...

2829 days ago.
by wvmountaineer
How About Enforcing a Little Decency?

Posts: 0 - I am so tired of seeing the fithy language and downright *****graphic images on people's vehicles.

2831 days ago.
by mtmama
Safe Water and Hydraulic Fracturing

Posts: 0 - Are our streams, rivers and wells safe from hydraulic fracturing waste water? There was an article in the New York Times on Feb.

2835 days ago.
by FormerWildcat
2011-2012 School Year

Posts: 0 - So I heard a rumor that WV schools would be starting August 8, 2011. Has anyone else heard this? I'm sure there will be many problems with this plan.

2838 days ago.
by hollerlady
Chesapeake Energy in New Martinsville

Posts: 0 - Can anyone tell me where their facility is? I am looking for a job, and cant find it. thanks!!