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2802 days ago.
by realworld
Anyone know what is going on across from Walmart on Rt. 2?

Posts: 0 - Anyone know what is going on across from Walmart on Rt. 2? Seen some construction equipment there and seen they were tearing out all the trees and looks like tearing down those old rental houses.

2804 days ago.
by ImJustSayin
the villas

Posts: 0 - my freind lives in the villas and they pay rent and have not been on dhhr services in 2 years and was only receiving food stamps for 1 year prior, they had a job lay off that ended them there.

2829 days ago.
by NotEvenClose
Proud to Be a West Virginian !

Posts: 0 - Today more than others, I'm proud to be from West Virginia and Wetzel County.

2831 days ago.
by Pandora
Drug arrests

Posts: 0 - Wow - just heard about all the drug arrests. Are these local people or out-of-towners?

2842 days ago.
by ac55444
NMS Junior Football

Posts: 0 - As a parent of one of the kids playing I have to express my anger at the utter amount of bias that is going on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade teams. It's absolutely ridiculous.

After the Storm

Posts: 0 - There was so much need after the horrific damage that came with this storm and being combined with the heat and humidity; many of us did need hel.

2971 days ago.
by Goodfellow
New business

Posts: 0 - Anyone know what is being put in back behind the 7-11 in that gravel lot that was just put in? Also, anyone know if someone got the old Rax building, seen they tore the front off of it?

2974 days ago.
by Goodfellow
Where are all the gas jobs?

Posts: 0 - It was said that if we allow outsiders to come in & rape our land & resources, that there would be a lot of jobs for locals.

2981 days ago.
by docjustice
comment on pandering article

Posts: 0 - We were told that:"My priority is drugs and property crime, which is completely unrelated to oil and gas workers.

2981 days ago.
by docjustice

Posts: 0 - i cannot think of anything to complain about at the moment.... can someone give me a few ideas?

2997 days ago.
by tiredofbs
New Martinsville Traffic Suggestions

Posts: 0 - We're interested to hear ideas you might have to help the traffic problem in New Martinsville. We'd like for you to brainstorm here toward a solution, but please let's keep it civil and possible.

3021 days ago.
by dadeight

Posts: 0 - Nobody around here's had a new idea since the Titanic sunk.

3056 days ago.
by dadeight
School Hypocrisy

Posts: 0 - This week the students at New Martinsville School were reminded in an assembly, again, about the school dress code and the length shorts / skirts must be.

3069 days ago.
by NotEvenClose
Gas Prices !

Posts: 0 - Can anyone give me a reasonable explanation for the .20 to .

3113 days ago.
by johnbarleycorn
why have our schools sucked all the fun out of childhood?

Posts: 0 - why has our schools taken holiday parties away?i understand it twists some panties to have santa or the easter bunny invade their childs mind,but thats just a load of bs! I personally dont belive i...

3128 days ago.
by Goodfellow
Anyone know a good plumber?

Posts: 0 - We went to the TRI-COUNTY RECREATIONAL CENTER known as "Wal*Mart" to buy a kitchen sink auger, as my wonderful wife first broke the clog with a chemical used at hospitals for their...

3130 days ago.
by AaronRitz
Brutal Beating in New Martinsville

Posts: 0 - Just saw this story on 7 news: Brutal Beating in New Martinsville Posted on YouTube: A 19-year-old was kicked in the ribs, punched in the face as he lay defenseless on the ground in New...

3137 days ago.
by johnbarleycorn
call the police

Posts: 0 - If you know of domestic violence. I went to Simon's early and Vanessa was down. I came back later asked her what was wrong, We went down the isle and she showed me a big bruise where he bit her.

3138 days ago.
by keepinemstraight
Must Read for Magnolia Parents

Posts: 0 - ******* If you have children going to Magnilia, you should be concerned. Read this report of the state auditor's office.

3139 days ago.
by Morningstar
I support our troops

Posts: 0 - I respect and appreciate everyone of them. I hope they all find jobs because they're coming home from Iraq and they need jobs.