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3701 days ago.
by keepinemstraight

Posts: 0 - Are the citizens of New Martinsville not worthy of working for the community in which they reside? Recently, the former Street Commissioner Gary Lemons retired, and passed this position on to his...

3706 days ago.
by keepinemstraight
Hey Mr. President, What Did That HealthCare Thing Just Cost Me?

Posts: 0 - Let's see, WV has roughly 250,000 uninsured people right now. All of those people will, at sometime in the near future, be added to the WV Medicaid rolls.

3713 days ago.
by dolphin3111
To the jerk who hit and ran my wifes truck

Posts: 0 - in the Dollar General parking lot thanks for being a lowlife coward. I know you drive a small gray truck. I know the truck I have seen if around.

3716 days ago.
by all4kids
Prayers for Ashley?

Posts: 0 - I have been seeing these signs in New Martinsville and Paden City Business's and Residences.

3720 days ago.
by FormerWildcat
All The Land, All The People

Posts: 0 - That's America. Some care about strangers, others,only the ones they associate with.

3724 days ago.
by kidjustwants2play
Little League Baseball

Posts: 0 - Why do adults have to ruin Little League for the kids? Why don't the "COACHES" want to use these rule books? I believe the adults are unhappy with their childhood.

3730 days ago.
by fromafar
Paden City's AD in Paper

Posts: 0 - As I read the Weekly Addition this week, I read with interest The Full Page AD About Paden City High School, UNTIL, It went to Trying to Black Mail The Board with their Threats about Attendance and...

3730 days ago.
by localgurl
Didn't Like the Sign

Posts: 0 - on the chamber door. I can't believe in artificial reality so I won't go in. Commerce is an important thing but it's not everything. Other things are important to.

3731 days ago.
by wetzelc
New Website About Wetzel County...

Posts: 0 - Apparently the CVB,(or one of its members), has launched a new website about Wetzel County. It has a Free Classifieds section as well as local news and a very nice Forum to discuss things.

3743 days ago.
by usedtocould
School Consolidations

Posts: 0 - I've been reading alot about Paden City and it's proposed closing. I was wondering, If, anyone has any knowledge of when Valley became a school? Some Wetzel History Buffs ought to know.

3752 days ago.
by keepinemstraight
To All of the Mistreated Residents of Doolin Run Road

Posts: 0 - I would like to begin this with a great big THANK YOU for the dummy w/ the noose around its neck telling us big bad drillers to "Go Home or You Will Die".

3755 days ago.
by localgurl

Posts: 0 - Are the employees of Mid Valley ,REM and STATE DAY PROGRAMS not required to do Drug Testing? Having personally witnessed drug use and dealing by a number of these employees on their working hours,I...

3756 days ago.
by SageOne
child abuse

Posts: 0 - Infant Abuse Investigation Continues; Baby's Great-Grandfather Responds Posted: 4:17 pm EDT March 29,2010 Updated: 7:48 pm EDT March 29,2010 NEW MARTINSVILLE, W.Va.

3756 days ago.
by Villian
The Stock Report

Posts: 0 - If there is one thing in which Wetzel County has no shortage of it anglers.

3759 days ago.
by moodus
Expendable creatures

Posts: 0 - I just read about a beagle that was casually tossed over the 6' fence at the animal shelter to get rid of him.

3760 days ago.
by wetzelc
Where are we Headed???

Posts: 0 - Dear Mr. President: I’m planning to move my family and extended family into Mexico for my health, and I would like to ask you to assist me.

3761 days ago.
by Trashman
You don't always get what you want

Posts: 0 - I'm always calling my friends and family members when I need to vent about my rich girl roommate until I found the message board and decided to take my anger out on writing.

3766 days ago.
by localgurl
Please don't slice my baloney

Posts: 0 - I went into a local market several months ago to get some baloney from the deli. A mortician who moonlights at the store sliced my baloney.

3768 days ago.
by hawkeye40
Has anyone else noticed?

Posts: 0 - Okay, before I say anything else, I will say this...

3770 days ago.
by oldtimer
The New CVB and YOU!

Posts: 0 - I sort of started this thread in the Brooklyn thread and decided that I'd better not hijack an important thread like that one. We were talking about tourism for Wetzel county.