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3632 days ago.
by moodus
Housing discrimination

Posts: 0 - I cannot afford to buy anything and because I have animals, I am seen as someone who no one wants to rent to(I have been trying for months to locate anything, with no luck)...

3646 days ago.
by oldtimer
Festival Of Memories...what a good job!

Posts: 0 - I have to publicly congratulate everyone who had a part in bringing this year's festival of memories to the public here in New Martinsvill.

3647 days ago.
by 1Rider
Walmart's new liquor license.

Posts: 0 - So, I heard that Walmart now has the only liquor license in Wetzel County. Since, there is only one allowed. How do you feel about that? I don't like it.

3648 days ago.
by oldtimer

Posts: 0 - I know we are getting a lot of great ideas for the future of te area but I was thinking we might enjoy taking about our memories of the area. People, places, and things.

3651 days ago.
by oldtimer
New Martinsville Parks

Posts: 0 - I recently visited N.M and was shocked at the conditions of oue once lovely parks. They use to be filled with pool goers,picnics, volleyball,tennis,day camps.

3652 days ago.
by hawkeye40
New Teacher Looking for a Place to Stay

Posts: 0 - Hi all. Please forgive me if this isn't the appropriate place for this message. I just recently got hired on as a mathematics teacher at Hundred High School and am looking for a place to stay nearby.

3661 days ago.
by givemeabreak
The River Chronicle

Posts: 0 - I have lived in New Martinsville nearly all my life. I have read the Wetzel Chronicle consistently for the past three years.

Holiday with a bang

Posts: 0 - Just wanted to remind people that, we share our fireworks with all who attend; it's the ones who do not attend that are in most distress.

3671 days ago.
by oldtimer
Banks But No Thanks

Posts: 0 - I want to tell you a little tale of our local banks.

3674 days ago.
by localgurl
Wetzel County Musicians

Posts: 0 - My wife and I are recent transfers to New Martinsville. We moved from a town of 30,000 in Oregon. The one thing we liked to do most was watch live music on the weekends.

3675 days ago.
by localgurl
formaldehyde and childhood cancer

Posts: 0 - It's giving kids cancer, ask Sanja Gupta, he would lie. Valley High's one mile from the Hasting Extraction Plant(#1 polluter in Wetzel County{Formaldehyde 1,340.00}.

3682 days ago.
by bernie2000
The 50's Reunion for Magnolia

Posts: 0 - If you are planning to be a part of the reunion during the weekend of June 25 and 26, please let me know.

3688 days ago.
by localgurl
Chuckles and Grins

Posts: 0 - OT told a good joke on another thread, so I thought I would start a joke thread for some laughs. Please be tasteful. Thanks!

3692 days ago.
by 1opinion
The City not taking the blame

Posts: 0 - On the 18 I got flooded due to a drain that hasnt been cleaned in 2 1/2- 5 years. The city says that they are not to blame it was a " ACT OF GOD ".

3692 days ago.
by keepinemstraight
Knee Jerks and Oil Spills

Posts: 0 - I think it is pretty sad that anti-off shore advocates want to use the BP tragedy as some sort of "I told you so!".

3694 days ago.
by fromafar
These Forums are a HOOT!

Posts: 0 - The spelling and grammar is horrible. Hate and insults flow like flood water. WOW and some of those names, whewwwwwwwww why are you creative geniuses doing wasting your talents here LOL.

3699 days ago.
by keepinemstraight
Parks & Recreation

Posts: 0 - Just curious if anyone else finds it odd that Bev Gibb was named employee of the year by the city of New Martinsville? This happened just months after Bruce Pool failed inspections and was forced t...

3699 days ago.
by bossqueen
What happened to Channel 7 News?

Posts: 0 - Has anyone besides me noticed how lame the channel 7 news has become? They will report stories all over the United States but the area of West Virginia between Ohio County and Kanawha County doesn'...

3700 days ago.
by localgurl
Meeting Announcement

Posts: 0 - The Citizens Against Drug Abuse is holding a planning session Tuesday, May 25th at 6:00 pm at the Lewis Wetzel Family Center. Parents, youth, and community members are invite.

3701 days ago.
by Xnmpdptlm
Wetzel County Sheriifs Deputies

Posts: 0 - Anyone ever notice how the sheriffs department has a major set of double standards? If we the public lie to an officer we are in major trouble, but they can lie to the public and get away with it...