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3422 days ago.
by oldlady

Posts: 0 - Belive it or not, there are people who still do their tax on paper. The state still sends out the booklets if you filed that way lasr year--HOWEVER- the feds no longrt do.

3424 days ago.
by william
magnolia high school

Posts: 0 - magnolia is being poorly run.. our kids are not learning life's lessons or getting the education they deserve... i'm just wondering if anyone knows or even cares?

3428 days ago.
by CLHF44
Positives for the oldlady

Posts: 0 - Bring them on? The front page of this site is full of positives but people tend to dwell on the negatives (when I say people I mean most people) that's all the news is these days is negativity.

3428 days ago.
by CLHF44
St. Marys sex offender

Posts: 0 - In 2004 a Pleasants county BOE employee was convicted of 3rd degree sexual assault for having a sexual relationship with an underage student.

3428 days ago.
by CLHF44
Today, Wetzel Chronicle did a good job

Posts: 0 - Given the nature of human nature, it's hard. I'm fed up with the Pine Grove crimewave. Today, the culprit's pic was displayed, the first step in stopping the above.

3437 days ago.
by keepinemstraight
How does the drilling in the area affect you?

Posts: 0 - As someone who grew up in Wetzel County I feel strange about all of the changes I see occurring due to all of the drilling in the area.

3440 days ago.
by mattie
Good Job Law Enforcement

Posts: 0 - As I read through these comments week after week I see were people continually complain about the Law Enforcement in Wetzel Co.

3448 days ago.
by minksnopes
when a preacher molests

Posts: 0 - check out this page: ***********angelfire****/wv/ChapelofVictory/.

3449 days ago.
by minksnopes
Requiem For A Town

Posts: 0 - I know that reality isn't revevant to the journalist but I have a right to protest that. The chamber sents its old boy to dig his scaverger fang into Pine Grove to squeeze blood out of a turnip.

3449 days ago.
by tanner
Stolen Weapons on our streets

Posts: 0 - What is the Wetzel County Sheriff's Department and Prosecuting Attorney's Office doing to find the weapons that were recently stolen from the numerous cabins that were broken into and vandalized?...

F U Ain't in Pain, Don't Complain

Posts: 0 - U think Glen Higgins,Freda Bell and Rex Adams, each close to 92 haven't seen bad times? Glen, hotshot telegrapher, as was my dad; they used to telegraph each other in Morse Code, aint seen the...

3461 days ago.
by keepinemstraight
Complaining on a Message Board

Posts: 0 - I don't understand why people come to this message board to complain about and crucify others.

Pine Grove American Legion

Posts: 0 - My dad served 4 years in the army during WWII. The pine grove American Legion, I bellieve, grosses over $350,000 per year as a result of Bob Wise legalizing gambling machines.

3470 days ago.
by minksnopes
HEY YOU, stop robbing our drug store

Posts: 0 - He or they have done it 7 times in the last 2 years.

3476 days ago.
by minksnopes
new contingency plan need in case Hasting Plants problems

Posts: 0 - There hasn't been discussion by Pine Grove officials in the last 15 years as far as I'm aware of, for a plan to evacuate Pine Grove in the event of a disaster which could come from the Hasting...

Randy Slider Memorial Basketball Tournament

Posts: 0 - Indian Creek Southern Baptist Church is proud to announce that it will hosting the first annual Randy Slider Memorial 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament on Saturday, January 29, 2011 at the Stealey Green...

3489 days ago.
by oldlady
The Lights On Main Street

Posts: 0 - The new Christmas lights on main street look great! That made the area look really nice.

3493 days ago.
by DeanLWVU
A concerned person who wants to help

Posts: 0 - I was at ChooChoo's on Saturday, November 27. Two people, most likely in their mid-20s, were taken out by police for suspected intoxication.

Ad correction "A Christmas Carol"

Posts: 0 - A children's version of "A Christmas Carol" will be live on stage at The Gaslight Theater on Wells Street in Sistersville Saturday December 18th at 2P.

3498 days ago.
by radar82
What is your favorite grilled cheese combination?

Posts: 0 - The majority of people love the grilled cheese sandwich. Tell me what you like on your grilled cheese sandwich with your cheese.