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From My View For August 21

August 14, 2019
Wetzel Chronicle

Here we are, just a little over two weeks from the start of high school football. I saw all my Wetzel County school football teams first practices. I must admit that I'm tickled to death about the up-coming schedule.

I started out at Hundred where I have been going for most of my sport-reporting life. It was great to have witnessed the Hundred Hornets opening practice. They had a cook-out for not only the high school team, but the middle school as well that started at 8:30 p.m on Sunday night.

The Football Moms as well as the athlete booster club I believe put it on. They had loads of games and music throughout the evening for not only the middle school and high school, but for the HHS cheerleaders, and fans. There was over 150 on attendance, that including the middle school football players.

It was special and awesome to have been there to watch and partake in the festivities. I even got in a couple games of corn-hole, it was fun. Not all the parents and fans played games with the kids, but they took it all in and stayed for most of the night.

The football players, coaches and cheerleaders played real good up-to midnight, and I thought these kids wouldn't have enough to carry them throughout their practice. I was wrong, when the boys ran out at midnight to start their practice, I witnessed something amazing, the boys had more energy than I would have thought. There were no slackers at all.

After running out for a couple of laps around the field, several of the boys went around once more to run with some of the kids that wasn't as pep, but dug deep and busted loose to finish the laps.

While this was going on I watched the cheerleaders do their thing. They worked just has hard and never took a break! Along with their coaches, I was impressed. After the varsity warmed up and stretched they worked on many football fundamentals. I did not see one player slack-off, not one. They all worked their butts off. HHS Head Coach DJ Bryd and his staff was right their urging them on only to stop and show any of the players the proper way to the drills. Never once did they yell at the boys always positive, great stuff.

Then I would look over and the cheer-leading coach was doing the same, awesome. In the mean-time most of the die-hard fans that stayed way longer than I did, was cheering all the athletes and coaches on.

Not to say, it was something I will take in my memory bank for a long time. But, during the first 3-hours I was there, I got to meet some great coaches of the past and present. It was wonderful, Mayor Goff was on hand from 8 till 10 pm playing music. The community of Hundred welcomed their new coaches and some of their wife's with open arms. Coach Bryd and his bride and family will be Hundred citizens Tomorrow as he is moving in, and if I was a betting man, I bet there will be many people helping them move in.

The football moms and dads along with Mayor Goff, as well as the boosters did something very nice for the kids, for them to remember for the rest of their lives.

They are not done, there is more to do. If they get the rest of the players out that wasn't present for the first practice, they will need plenty of added help and funds to buy more equipment, along with more uniforms to dress all the players, as they haven't had this nice a response in players for many years. Check with the coaches and school staff if you would like to help in a momentary way.

Through the day, I went every where, except to Tyler Consolidated and I was some-what thrilled at every school. Of course there were kids that didn't come out that I was hoping would, but if they really didn't want to play, I know if I was their coach I wouldn't want someone that didn't want to play come out and spoil it for the ones that did. It's their loss, and maybe not now, but years go by, they will regret it.

I can relate to that, I only played for 2-years in high school. I loved the game and I hope that I was a good player, but didn't want to give up my time to try to find ways to get to practices and back home. My parents didn't come out much to watch me play. But, years later, found out they were in attendance once in awhile, and that hurt because I really wanted to them to watch me play.

I missed out on a perfect 10-0 season, and still regret it to this day.

Don't let that happen to you, if you love the game, go play. You don't want to regret it.

We will be having our annual football tab coming out August 28. Last season our football tab got first place in West Virginia Press Awards, and I feel that this football tab will be a better one than last year. Help us by buying the tab that will be in the

Wetzel Chronicle and Tyler Star News August 28.

This year, Ed and I have worked very hard in getting a good product out to our readers this year. If you see some flaws in the tab, please let us know in a nice way, because we really want the best for our kids.



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