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March 13, 2019

You know, it's sometimes a hard thing to turn the other cheek when it comes to when someone says something about you or a family member, or a friend.

But this is what we do most of the time in the reporter business here at the Wetzel Chronicle.

Back a few weeks ago, I wrote about the Tyler Consolidated Boys Basketball team running up the score on the Bellaire St John's team, and I'm sticking to it.

I wasn't there, as I reported, and I said it isn't the fault of the players at all. You cannot ask a kid not to play as hard as he or she can. It all goes back to the coach; maybe they had a reason to do what they did.

I just said it was my opinion, that's all, end of story.

I did also say that if there were records during the game it would be tainted, still my opinion.

I am turning the other cheek, because a few people didn't think my opinion mattered about the subject. Maybe not, but it was still my opinion.

We turn the other cheek as reporters, because it's what we do most of the time, and move on to other things. I have, and I know that many of us, in this business have turned the other cheek when we write a story and report the facts and people disagree on what the subject mater is.

I know someone, and I'm sure you know who it is, who turned the other cheek when he was mocked and spit on for what he believed in and what he stood for, and later died so we all could live. That took a lot of courage to do that.

We all need to turn the other cheek; if someone says or does something you don't agree on, don't take it personal. I don't either. I am sorry if what I said offended someone about running up the score. I really didn't call anybody out except maybe the coaches and they get it handed to them day-after-day, and they turn the other cheek more times than any of us ever do, I'm sure. They know whatever they do or say will not be received well with others. They are there to teach our children and win a ball game. It's a thankless job, but it is a rewarding job too.

Coaches do things for the right reasons all the time, but they know it's them that make the decisions; it's not the reporters, parents, players and fans. They 99.9 percent turn the other cheek, and I can't blame them if they did. For what money they get to coach is not very much in what they do, and time they put in.

I was once a coach in high school, and - too - got some feedback about my coaching style. I accepted the criticism, and learned from what they all said, but still did what I think was right. Not everyone liked my decision, but I did what I thought was right - not only for the team, but for the player(s) too.

But, when it's all said and done its not what we think its right, but it's what the coach feels is right.

I have never heard anything from a coach, we all know what goes around will come back around too, just let the coaches do what they feel is right and let the reporters do their job, too.

We as parents must protect our children, as well as grandparents, in raising our youth. Sometimes athletes get caught up with moment and do or say something that they really didn't want to, but did anyway. What we need to do, as a person, is do what that man did way back when he was spit on, beaten and nailed to the cross - forgive and forget. Ask forgiveness, if only to the one above.

I'm missing the girls' state basketball tournament to celebrate my 45th wedding anniversary and wish the Magnolia girls basketball team all the success in the world. Coach Pilant and Coach Winters have done an amazing job with the girls, and win or lose, I know they girls played hard and done their very best as well as the coaches.

Kyndra Pilant and Mady Winters are two of the best high school basketball players, if not the best, in all three classes, bar-none.

However, like they say, you can't live on bread alone; you have to have a team to help you get there, and the Magnolia coaching staff has a good group of athletes who know their roles.

Kyndra and Mady are always in the headlines, but these girls all know what is needed to win, and they do what they can to win.

There are girls who don't get in the game much, but they all have bought in what the coaches tell them to be able to win.

They make Kyndra and Mady work hard at practice, and know what they have to do, and they all do. There are games where I don't feel wel, and you can tell by the way they run the floor, but still have smiles on their faces.

These girls need their praise, too, and that is what I try to do as a weekly sports writer. I try to mention every player, but sometimes I don't. I don't do it on purpose, but if they score or have some good stats, I try to mention it in the story anyway.

It's now up to the spring sports to headline our paper, which gets underway later this month. Our spring sports schedules will be out, I believe, March 20. There will be games changed, because of weather, and many teams will play 3-4 games in a roll if the weather cooperates, and I will try to cover as many as I can.

I will need coaches to send me stats as soon as they can, if I'm not at their game ASAP, so I can write it up. The area track teams play everywhere, and I will most likely miss a lot of the meets, so a picture and stats will be nice.

If you are a coach, enjoy your time teaching the kids the game, because believe me, it goes too fast. Players do your best, and listen to your coaches; keep yourself fit, and stretch and warm up before you play. I wish I would have done that better in my high school days, and maybe I wouldn't have had all the injuries that kept me sidelined, and am paying for it later in life.

Parents, grandparents, and fans, enjoy your kids, and support them, as well as the coaches, and watch them play as many times as you can. It's not to much to watch a game any more, but it does add up. I know there is gas involved in going to the games and meets, as well as the wear and tear on your car or truck. Watch out for those potholes; they are everywhere, and they will be out trying to fix them when and if the weather gets better.



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