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February 20, 2019

I would like to start by thanking everyone who has thought of me this past week; I really appreciate it. As I said before, I didn't take this job for glory.

After going home when the Magnolia Boys Basketball game was cut short, because of a leak from the roof and making it dangerous for kids running the floor and slipping, I took a picture of a fan who came out of the stands to protect the guys from the water. It was very laughable and came at a perfect time as everyone was wondering what they were going to do. Magnolia was up 11-8, with Trevor Williamson (2) and Jacob Miller (1), each hitting baskets from beyond the arc to open the game.

It is not yet known if the game will be made up or not.

But after downloading what pictures I did take, and thanking the Magnolia Boosters and MHS for honoring me during the stoppage of the water leak, I watched the sports news and saw that Tyler Consolidated boys basketball team defeated Bellaire St. John by 75 points. I didn't believe it and rewound, but yes, I had seen it correctly.

I have talked about running up the score in previous columns; I have to say I was shocked that Tyler Consolidated was the team that ran it up, and yes, they ran up the score. I hate if during this game someone would have broken a record, it would be tarnished and something that a player would always remember.

It's NOT the players fault. You can not tell a kid not to miss a shot on purpose, or not play defense. I was NOT there to see the game, but I know as a player, referee, coach and sportswriter, there are other things a team can do besides run up the score. And I'm sure they know.

I also understand that sectionals are coming up soon, and you want your kids to be ready. Even the boys on the bench, the coach wants them to be ready too.

I don't care who the coach is in high school sports, it's not good sportsmanship, period, to run up a score in any sport. Nobody wins. The players don't learn; when they play a better team, they can't run up the score. The players can get to the rim as easy they will pass the ball at first not as sharply and will be picked-off.

This is only my opinion.

Enough of that garbage; just treat someone they way you want to be treated. Don't tell me you would want someone to run up the score on you, I know better.

The spring season is in the air. Coaches and athletic directors, please send us your schedules from middle school sports to high school. Send them in to us ASAP, so we can get them in. Also, if you want to participate in spring sports and you're not playing in a winter sport, get a physical.

Once again, I was honored at the VHS Girls Basketball final regular season game on their senior night. The VHS cheerleaders brought me out a gift, and I will wear it proudly when I cover their spring sports in baseball and softball.

It's like when the Major League Baseball and Basketball teams say farewell to one of their players, who is going to hang it up, and it's like they go around and give them gifts to show how grateful they were for their service.

I'll be doing this again this spring, so you can see me a few more times this high school sports season, as the official date is June 1. From there, I will just work a few games a week next sports season if they want me.

It was also nice to see the Paden City Wildcats beat Morgantown Trinity in double-overtime in the girls' final regular season game.

PCHS Head Coach Alan Miller and veteran assistant coach Jamie Natali bring this group of girls from rags to riches in basketball play. They are playing at a high level at the end of the season and is a team that could give some of the higher seeds some fits in sectional play this coming week.

These two coaches will never say it's them who deserves the credit, and say it is the girls. The girls deserve the credit too, but to see where they started and what they had, and where they are going, says it all.

Congrats to the girls in their outstanding season, but to the coaches I salute you and hope the ones that vote, should give their vote to these guys, I will.



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