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January 16, 2019

After driving a rental for close to two weeks, while my wife's car is getting fixed, I might just be showing my hillbilly side. I found a couple things, about the two cars I drove, that just amused me.

The first car I drove beeped when it got to close to the the middle line as well as the right line. When I had the car on cruise control, it also slowed me down if I got a little too close, and moved me back in line if I swayed.

The trunk opened up for me when I hit a buzzer on the keyring, that only had to be in my pocket. Also, all I had to do is push a button to start or get out.

The last time I drove the car, during Christmas shopping, a gentleman hit the car while just waiting to get a parking spot. The man said he didn't see me waiting to park and backed into me.

The the worse thing, he was a assistant football coach at a high school that most teams like to play. He tried to just exchange insurance cards, but Lynne said no way, we are calling the police. Not only we were driving a rental car, but it's what is needed whenever you get hit, even if it didn't do much damage.

You need to call the car rental too, and make sure you get everything written down, including the police report, case number, names of everybody that you talked with and all their information and telephone and cell numbers too.

The second car was also nice.

It didn't have all the bells and whistles the other one did, and the gas mileage, but it drove nice and still had good gas mileage. However, it had something the other car didn't have: a light came on when a car or truck was passing me and in my blind spot. (That is something I hope they put on all new cars)

The people we called from the rental firm were just awesome to talk to and helped us get all the stuff we needed to do. And, after taking it back to the New Martinsville business, the gentleman there (Cameron Benson) was a true gentleman and fixed us up with a nice car, so they could get the other fixed.

If there was anything that I could tell them to change, it would be to have mats for the front. It keeps the carpet cleaner and catches the dirt and or mud.

Having all my boys and their families in for Christmas, for the first time in 11 years, made us so happy; it was, by far, the best Christmas we have had in our soon-to-be 45th year anniversary. It wasn't just the fact we saw our grandkids, but we got to interact with each other, pray with each other, and socialize and get caught up on each other's lives.

Recently my oldest granddaughter, who is in the junior ROTC, got two more pins. Thanks to Facebook, I got to see that from afar.

Now that winter has set in, and there might be games canceled or switched around, so please keep me in the loop. I don't want to go somewhere to cover a game to find it has been canceled. Magnolia just sent me a fax, alerting me schedule changes. (Thank you Magnolia!)

When traveling, please be careful, and watch out for slick places that could be very dangerous. Start early on your trip, and take your time. In this week's sports pages, we have an Athlete(s) of the Month. I hope we can continue to do so, but in this one, I would like coaches and fans to give us their choices too. (With facts and stats please!)

Lastly, I wanted to let our sports readers know that come Jan. 17-19, the grandfather of wrestling - the Ron Mauck OVAC Tournament, and the TCHS Basketball Tournament will be in action at WesBanco Arena and Tyler Consolidated High School, respectively.

Also in January, the New Martinsville Rotary Basketball Challenge on Jan. 26 will have 12 local teams in one place with tip-off, on two straight girls games, starting at 11:30 a.m. before finishing it off with four high school boys games. It's an awesome way to see six great boys and girls games in one gymnasium.

Also in January, the Ritchie County Rebels will also have a WVSSAC Class-A wrestling challenge on the 25th and 26th. There are lots of good sports being played; go catch one or two of the games.



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