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Paden City Thanks Commission For Cruiser

January 16, 2019

Paden City Council met in regular session on Jan. 7, 7 p.m. in the council chambers at the municipal building.

Mayor Hochstrasser, the council, and Paden City Police Department wanted to thank the Wetzel County Commission for its generosity in getting the city a new police cruiser. The city has been in desperate need of a new cruiser, as the current one, a 2004 model with over 130K miles on it, has multiple mechanical issues, as well as electrical issues. The city is in the process of getting the new cruiser ready for use and will be cutting corners on cost by using equipment to outfit the cruiser that the city has on hand and by finding used equipment as necessary.

In other police maters, during the month of December 2018, there were 22 citations issued for various violations, including nine speeding tickets and one DUI. The Wetzel County E-911 end of month report recorded a total of 74 calls placed to 911 from Paden City in the month of December 2018.

In new business, Mayor Hochstrasser read the election proclamation:

"By order of the Elections law of the City of Paden City, I herewith proclaim June 7, 2019, as the date for the next election for the City of Paden City, West Virginia. Three members of the council, one from each ward will be elected for a two-year term. Any qualified person desiring to run for any of the offices must file their intention, fill out the necessary eligibility forms and pay the filing fee of $10 for council at the recorder's office on or before March 14, 2019. This date is necessary for filing in order that the ballots may be prepared."

In matters related to the water project, the mayor stated that the telemetry system is complete. Cleaning of well number four was expected to begin on Tuesday, Jan. 8. Once well number four is cleaned, the city will be able to move on to cleaning well number three and getting the wells on a regular maintenance schedule.

The council approved the Rule 42 to cover the $5 million water project. The city will be increasing the water rate $7 per year for the next three years for a total rate raise of $21 by 2021.

The council approved all bills for payment, and the minutes of the last meeting.

The council also addressed a letter submitted by Water, Streets & Maintenance Superintendent Josh Billiter. In the letter Billiter states he would like to step down as chief water operator, but he would still oversee the water plant operations, in a move to allow Joe Parrish the opportunity to gain the knowledge and experience that is necessary for his advancement in the water industry. Billiter also recommended Joe Parrish become the assistant superintendent. He wrote these changes are necessary due to increasing time that Billiter, as superintendent, will use to focus on other tasks and state regulations - adding that he believes it would create a more effective workforce.

The mayor recommended the council not allow Billiter to step down, as the city's employee manual states the operator can have an assistant oversee the water plant. Other council members recommended waiting until Billiter was in attendance of a council meeting to continue the discussion. No action was taken at this time. The council did pass a motion to appoint Joe Parrish assistant superintendent and approved a small raise for the added responsibility. The council will revisit the city budget to give Parrish a higher pay rate in the months to come.

In matters related to streets, the council discussed a request by Lance Smittle to stop traffic from using an alley between Pollock and Rural on the east end of the alley; the alley stays wet most of the time and is not graveled. After a lengthy discussion, the council decided to take no action at this time.

The Paden City Park and Pool committee reported that the Christmas tree lighting was a success with more than 30 residents attending in the frigid temperature that evening. The committee is hoping to include a parade at next year's event.



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