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Hundred Reflects On Year, Honors Many

January 2, 2019

The Town of Hundred honored several of its residents and supporters recently through a Christmas dinner.

Hundred Mayor Charles Goff noted, via the Town of Hundred Facebook page, that at the dinner - organized by the Town of Hundred, Hundred Volunteer Fire Department, and Public Service District - town officials wanted to recognize Doug and Wanda Six and Blue Mountain Inc. "for all their help after the 2017 flood."

Goff noted that the Blue Mountain personnel had suffered huge loss and damage from the July 2017 floods, which devastated the Town of Hundred, but "reached out to help us."

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This plaque was presented to Blue Mountain Inc. from the Town of Hundred.

Goff further recognized the company's leadership as being "great bosses" and "employing so many people from our area with good-paying jobs."

"They are just very good people with big hearts, and we just wanted to show them they are appreciated from the Hundred area.

Town of Hundred officials also recognized Hundred High School students and staff. It was noted that during Summer 2018, the high school, town officials, Hundred Area Price, Backwoods Enterprises, and the Wetzel County Commission teamed up as HHS presented the entities with a project for the town. The Hornets' project ended up being one out of dozens selected through the West Virginia Department of Education's inaugural "Economic Projects Impacting Communities" competition. Hunter Tustin and Madison Fetty were the two students who presented the idea at the state-level. Being chosen, the project was awarded $50,000.

Mayor Goff then recognized town maintenance supervisor Terrell Greathouse, town recorder and PSD operator Sherry Hayes, and Johanna Lemasters.

Goff said Greathouse began his tenure with the town in 1998 as he took over the maintenance supervisor position. During his time with the town, Terrell has installed the town's Christmas lights yearly and kept the football field maintained for home games.

Goff said Greathouse is now working with his fourth mayor; he has also served as chief of police.

Goff said on behalf of the town and council, he wanted to congratulate Greathouse on 20 years of dedication "to serving and protecting our community." Goff noted Greathouse and his wife have spent many years answering calls for Wetzel County EMS Station #60, based out of the Hundred Volunteer Fire Department.

"Thank you for all your dedication to our community," he said.

Goff said, in his opinion, Hayes has one of the most difficult jobs in the state. "Day in and day out, Sherry has to do a job with not much reward. Dealing with the public, even if they are friends or family, isn't easy. Someone is always mad, and she has to hear many sad stories. But she has a job to do, and she does it well."

Goff said Hayes serves as the town's recorder, as well as manages the finances and prepares council meetings.

"The past three years with me serving on council and as mayor, I've really gotten to see just how much is involved in Sherry's job, and the importance of it being right."

"She has to deal with state auditors from both town and PSD, and add all the work as flood plain manager, and all that extra work after the 2017 flood."

Goff noted Hayes is preparing to serve her 20th year of service to the community.

"I know your job isn't a rewarding job, but from the bottom of my heart, thank you very much for all you do."

Goff said he would be "better off writing a book on Johanna (Lemasters)," who has served as an educator for 44 years.

Lemasters has also been a part of Hundred EMS and involved with the fire department for 44 years.

"I can't put a number on all the hours she has vested," Goff said, describing Lemasters' work on getting the VFD's new station, as well as getting it "back into order following the 2017 flood."

"I can say she has been a great leader," Goff said.

"She has taken our fire department and created a loving family within the walls and has definitely got it better than she received it."

"She is working hard to make sure the future is good, and as you know, over 3,000 of our state fire departments have closed. I can say we stay open because of her leadership and dedication to our community."

"She is truly a blessing to not only our fire department, but our town and as an educator. I could never give her everything she deserves except a moment in the spotlight and a pat on the back and thank you. Everything you have done for us will never be forgotten, and someday your shoes will be hard to fill."

Goff said he knows 2018 has been hard for Lemasters, with losing so many close ones, "many of them have had ties to our fire department."

"You have stayed strong and positive and kept your chin up, as a leader would do."

Speaking of the late fire chief, Bert Anderson, Goff said to Lemasters, "I know Bert called you an old bat and probably would say something like you've been around for 1,000 years. I know I can speak for those who have passed that they were grateful for your friendship, loyalty, and leadership."

In further accolades, Mayor Goff spoke highly of Keith Williams, noting he and Williams have been "fire department brothers since I joined in '98 or '99."

"We have gotten through a lot together. I think with the loss of Bert (the late Hundred VFD Chief Anderson), it has brought us even closer."

Goff said the night Anderson passed away, he and Williams "walked home together from the station, and it was a special moment. On the day we buried our buddy, we had our heads together as we cried one last time."

Goff said Williams had worked with EMS for 26 years and with the fire department for 25. He noted Williams is the newest fire chief.

"Hundred has a rich history of great fire chiefs, and I have no doubt he will continue the tradition."

It was noted Williams has been active on town council and is starting his second year as being one of the town's two municipal judges.

"I'm glad to call him chief and to have him as a friend and fireman brother."

Goff also recognized Josh Cecil, Jason Sleeth, and Trina Fetty. Goff noted that Cecil is in his first year as chief of police and has served under former Chief Clay Lunceford. Cecil has served on town council for a two-year term and is now following in his grandfather's footsteps at chief.

Goff said Cecil has "big goals to help improve and expand our PD."

Jason Sleeth serves on the town's council and was recognized as being "a great leader and role model in our community."

"He is bringing the best out in people and is a great motivator and leader."

Sleeth was recognized as being leader at Harmony Baptist Church and head coach for the Hundred Fringe League.

"Jason serves as our chaplain at the fire department and before former Chief Bert Anderson's passing, was able to have many great times helping Bert and talking with him. I know that meant a lot to Bert."

Goff recognized Fetty as having "a strong voice" and showing "passion when she fights for her beliefs."

Fetty is currently serving a two-year term on council and has taken a lead in the Landlord Grant that could benefit Hundred, according to Goff.

At the Christmas dinner, attendees also took time to reflect and remember the late Robin Hayhurst and the late Bert Anderson for their service to the town. Goff said the Hundred VFD has introduced a wall "in which they remember those who have passed away."

"It's truly a special tribute, and they are working to get pictures from families, so they can fill the wall up," noted Goff.



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