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October 10, 2018

It has been a bad week in trying to get things done and trying not get behind on anything that is important to get done sooner than later.

Trying to get information and pictures for the top 25 athletes and five coaches in a week's time was a chore, but I think I got it done with a little help from above and good friends.

I don't want to ever talk about the top 25 or the top 100, or anything like that; it's impossible to get them all. Everyone has their favorites, but I don't have too many that should have made it, or it would have been the top 400, because we all are important and we all helped in some way or another for the top athlete or coach. Period.

Having time for yourself is needed, along with your significant other. That is also needed, so I've taken off some time with my lovely bride and will be back to help get our next paper out.

With trying to get the area's top coaches and athletes wasn't enough, trying to get sports for next week is not going to be a walk in the park. But, with friends like Ed Parsons and Bubba Kapral, I think we will be all right.

Needing to help my sister and brother from another mother, I again had to bail to get all the other things that needs to be done before taking off, as well as a long list of chores that are needed at home, as well as work and play. Some will have to be put off for another day.

I have been budgeting my time pretty well, but when something important in your life comes up - stop, drop and roll. I did, and I hope and pray it's going to be all right. That sounds like a song.

I missed a very important time in my life - my 45th high school reunion at River High School, and I hope someone took a picture, minus myself. I hope they send it to me too. I so wanted to be there, but I also wanted to be at the Hundred and Valley football homecoming game, as well as go cheer on the MHS golf team at the State Golf Tournament in Wheeling, and still do what is needed of me.

This reminds me of many many sermons of Ed Melott of budgeting your time and putting God first in your life; wife, family. and work comes a close second. I know I don't do enough for the biggest one, but I know that I'm trying my best.

Now that's out of the way, I need a favor. Ed and I are getting the Winter Sports Schedule Booklet ready in a few weeks and need to get middle school schedules, as I have most of the high school schedules, but a few. And I know I can count on them to get it to us pretty soon.

What I do need, besides the middle school schedules ,is when parents get their schedules from the coaches and there are changes - please give us a copy too. The high school and middle school athletic directors do a thankless job, but a good job. I wanted to be the first to say thankyou for all you do, as well as all the things you do that deserve a thanks and don't get it.

With the high school football season at its halfway point, and with volleyball nearing the end, along with golf and soccer, we have several football teams vying for a playoff spot. Tyler Consolidated has come a long, long way from the start of the season, as well as Magnolia, which still has a chance to keep its season going.

All the other teams that have a shot, I wish them all the luck in the world too. But, one of my best high school sports seasons is nearing, basketball. I'm also wanting and waiting for high school wrestling to start too.

But, something I will continue to stress right before the winter season starts is getting legal by getting your physical, if you are not already participating.



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