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From Joseph J. Morris

September 26, 2018
Wetzel Chronicle

To The Editor,

Here is some food for thought.

From the taste of this buffet, the cook must not have read the recipe.

This old malcontent believes that the man or woman that we the people of West Virginia send to the U.S. Senate should be able to read the U.S. Constitution and know that our founding fathers were well aware of what what was put into it. I am referring to the Second Amendment. The word infringed was put there for a reason, and that reason was to keep our representatives from making laws that would infringe on the rights of the U.S. citizens.

For that reason our current senator Manchin should be retired from the Senate, since he doesn't understand or care what the word infringed means. If he doesn't understand the Second Amendment, what else doesn't he understand in the U.S. Constitution? I personally think it would be a mistake for us, the voters, to put him back in such a high office where he might also decide to do away with some other part of our Constitution.

Ignore the Constitution, and it will go away.

Joseph J. Morris

New Martinsville, W.Va.



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