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From My View For Sept. 19

September 19, 2018
BY BRUCE CRAWFORD - Staff Writer ( , Wetzel Chronicle

It seemed to me I recently started a riff about teams running up the scores, and I want to be as honest as I can and not hurt anybody's feelings. It's only my opinion, not anyone's else. I have been involved in sports most of my life - as a player, referee, coach, parent, booster officer and a fan. I have seen and have been a part of a team that ran the score up. In lower level games, there should never be a lopsided win. Period.

I'm not a novice into the area of running up scores. I concur some teams get beat time after time, and when they have a chance to score, they score - not thinking about how it affects people on the opposing side of the score, until later, and find ways to make what they did, feel better.

I'm not saying that happened in my case at all. Like I said, I have seen and have been part of running up the score, and on the team that was shell-shot.

We all can say it's okay on both sides of the ball. You can't tell a player not to score or miss a tackle on purpose, but I know by experience and have seen and been a part of more than I would want to say.

It's just my opinion, only. I'm not always right, and I hope you can understand that. But what I failed to do, was think of the consequences on others. I do believe that I failed in that by putting how I felt to others. I should have not said anything. Period.

However, it's my duty, as a guy who writes a column, to say how I feel on a specific topic, like running up the score. I see it being done everywhere, but two wrongs don't make it right. I will keep my opinions to myself, but not in my column.

During the Hundred game, I witnessed a lot of things that warmed my heart. First, the HHS Hornet band's rendition of the National Anthem. The band played with only 13 or so members, but they sounded like a band of 50. There are no other words to describe it. The Hornets band was amazing.

Also, the outstanding play-by-play announcing by Chipper Goff helped me with my stats, and the upbeat announcing was outstanding, as well as good clean music. He introduced some outstanding individuals from the community after each quarter and was spot-on. I also enjoyed the new and improved Cosgray Field. The field was all spruced up and looking good, along with the top-notch concession stand.

The new press box was nothing but awesome, as well as those inside donating their time spotting for Mayor Goff. They also started something new in the game, picking the player of the game. I left after the third quarter and don't have any idea who won.

For me, there were many from Hundred who I thought played an inspired game. Zach Zedell and Skylar Goff could have won it with their determination running the ball, and their tackling, could have went either way. And for me, the Devils' No. 3 was outstanding, as well as their quarterback.

However, there were some outstanding blocking and tackling from a swarm of Hornets, to name a few: Jacob Kuhn, Martin Baker, Gauge Boston, Brenden Tedrow, Brenden Rine and my favorite David Derby were all Johnny on the spot, as well as many others.

Even through the Hornets missed a lot of tackles, they have greatly improved. They seldom complain, and they and their coaches work hard, day in and day out.

Besides the band, players and coaches, the HHS cheerleaders were second to none. They have improved so much from the past few years. They continued to support the boys with their cheerleading, as well as keeping a very nice crowd entertained.

I have been trying to get the Hundred cheerleaders to go and compete in the OVAC and Regional competitions. They have improved that much to be able to cheer in both contests; I hope they do.

The crowd was awesome too, both ways. That is always something that doesn't happen often. Maybe it's because they sit together, or just because of other things. I was impressed, staying a lot longer.

The parking was even upgraded; they had people out, trying to park cars. They also did very well in what they were doing.

Besides what I stated about the game, both teams played clean football. They each did an admirable job considering they both haven't won a game this season.

There were signs and more signs than ever before, and most of the town was all decorated up - Go Hornets! You name it, they were doing it. It was especially great to see most of the school faculty, including the HHS principal. The athletic directors, from each school, were present.

At half time when the 50/50 was called, a lady all the way from North Marion won $55 and donated a good portion to the boosters. Also there were many Hundred alumni present. It started out as a modest amount, but when the game started, most of the bleachers were full; many more were standing along the fence.

Even though Hundred lost its 50th straight varsity game, you can tell how they have improved the last several years. The Hornets will get that monkey off their back.

I wish the Hornets good luck Saturday against Hannan and hope that in this week's paper, Hundred wins.



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