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A Change For Pine Grove

June 20, 2018
Wetzel Chronicle

According to Pine Grove officials, the days of raw sewage in basements and yards, and the accompanying stench, are no more. The problem is said to have existed due to a lack of upkeep. New workers and volunteer labor have supposedly rectified issues with residents' individual sewer systems.

Despite advice from a Thrasher Engineering representative, the town does not appear to be pursuing Phase III of its sewer project. Parts of the town remain hooked to an older vacuum system, while other parts will utilize an updated gravity system. The town's plant operator states if the vacuum system is properly maintained, it could last forever.

The reluctance to pursue Phase III lies with the lack of funding. The town's financial woes have resulted in a bad credit record. Also, to be able to afford the Phase III upgrades, the town will have to raise water and sewage service rates. An increase of $20, just in the sewage rate, could bring greater hardships to a family already struggling to make ends meet. We can't really criticize council for not wanting to enact such rate increases. It seems a bit insulting to increase rates when, for so long, residents seemed to lack adequate service.

Yet, we are also not completely convinced that a change in workforce was the answer to problems that date back to a year or more ago. Why did it take so long to rectify the problem?

We certainly do not pledge to know all the answers, and the matter of debate put aside, we are certainly happy that it seems the problems have subsided for our neighbors in Pine Grove. We hope for brighter days ahead.



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