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Spotlight: Katherine Henderson

June 13, 2018
Wetzel Chronicle

This week's spotlight is on the Hundred Hornets' Katherine Henderson. Henderson is as a tough competitor as you could want. She is solid in every sport she plays and always has a smile on her face, win or lose.

Henderson is stellar in all the sports she participates in; however, she really excels at track, as she has been a state qualifier in her first three years at Hundred. This season she was an OVAC high jump champion in Class A, while placing third in the long jump. She won the long and high jump in the WVSSAC Region I championship.

In basketball, she was the team's top scorer and rebounder, while also being the volleyball team's top spiker and blocker. As you can see, she is one of a kind and is a natural in everything she does.

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The Wetzel Chronicle sports department asked her some of the same questions we have asked other spotlight athletes, and this is what she answered:

*What expectations do you have of yourself as a player, and what do you expect from your coach? For myself, I always give my best, never sell myself short, build people up and don't bring them down; if I do something wrong, I better fix it. For coaches - if I mess up, tell me; be supportive but also disciplined, and be fair to all the players as long as they are working hard.

*What have you learned about teamwork from being on this team? You have to figure out how to play off of eachother's strengths and weaknesses.

*How does the team make you a better player? I realized that it's not all about you, and you can't do everything.

*Athletes have to eat healthy foods to be in top shape. What foods do you have to give up when you're in training? I cut out all sugary drinks and processed food.

*What words of advice or encouragement do you have to share with younger athletes? Work hard and everything else will fall into place.

*What coaches, teacher or other people have been great influences in your life, and why or how? Coach Sapp has been an influence, because he was the one that got me so involved in basketball and really pushed me to live up to my full potential.

*What one word or phrase do you want people to associate with your name? Disciplined

*What are your strengths and weaknesses as a player in basketball and track? My strengths are I never give up, and my weakness is I'm a perfectionist.

*What do the coaches/parents/other adults do that makes sports more enjoyable for you? They support you.

*What do the coaches/parents/other adults do that makes sports more stressful and less enjoyable? Give excuse

In the bus ride home after the game, do you like to talk about the game, or would you rather wait till later or the next day? I would like to talk about it the next day, so I have time to really think about what went right and wrong.

*What are your goals for your team next season in both basketball and track, and how do you plan on achieving your team goals? We will having a winning season and no longer be looked over. We will work harder than everyone and be positive.

*What is something about you that most people don't know? I didn't start playing basketball until 8th grade, because I disliked the sport.



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