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April 11, 2018
BY BRUCE CRAWFORD - Staff Writer ( , Wetzel Chronicle

You know, it's kind of hard for me to write a column each week. It's just hard to write a story, period. I was never a guy who was great with a pen. Getting a solid C was awesome for me. I worked and studied my butt off, and I was thankful for a the grades I got.

With me working in the coal mines for more than 27 years, I didn't have to write that much, if any at all. This sports writing job has saved my life in many different ways.

This job has helped me with my grammar. I still makes mistakes, but they aren't as bad. Sometimes I think that I did a great job on a story, and then I go over it and find mistakes. That is OK, because I found the mistakes and fixed them before sending the story to be proofed by my sports editor and my newspaper editor.

They both have been great to me, and I thank them both so much. However, my wife deserves most of the credit in my writing, by supporting me in my job. It's a big thing deal to have your spouse support you in your job and everything that you do.

It has helped me with my confidence, not only as a sports writer, but as a guy who has had as many injuries as I have had in the past. They are starting to catch up with me, as I walk, lift, and do everyday stuff.

The job has helped my memory a great deal, after my formal job as working with Hard Start. I have always wanted to be a teacher and coach, and this job helped me get it. I was the first head girls soccer coach at Magnolia, then boys assistant coach, and girls assistant basketball coach at PCHS.

As a sports writer, I have stayed in the game, but in a different way. I am happy to say it's because of being a sports writer.

Using your brain is something we all must do; don't let someone do your thinking. I see and talk with thousands of people in my job, as well as my family and friends. I don't always remember their names, but I do know who they are. Sometimes it takes awhile to remember, and sometimes it comes right away. I owe this job that honor. You don't take anything for granted, even your memory. We all forget things, but the older we get, we forget a little more than we used to, but still pound away.

But, what I really want to talk about this week is how we can still change. After more than 27 years in the coal mines, I had to move on to writing stories for a living, and working with computers. I had to change. So can you.

I see everyday as a reporter, talking with kids and listening to parents and guardians about sports: We are getting more and more older adults raising their kids' kids. Bless their hearts. I'm thankful every day, that my kids raise my grandchildren.

It must be very, very hard to start raising young ones all over again. I know if I had to, I would, but I'm thankful that I don't. However, it's not the grandparents' fault that they have to raise their grandchildren.

As I stated, it's great that parents are raising their grandchildren. It's not the grandparents' fault in any shape or form. Bless them for doing it. It also can help the grandparents, helping them raise their grandchildren and doing things differently.



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