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From My View For Sept. 27

September 27, 2017
BY BRUCE CRAWFORD - Sports Writer ( , Wetzel Chronicle

We all want to win at everything and anything we do - in work, sports, and throughout our everyday lives.

In sports, we always want to win and will do everything we can to achieve it.

At work, as it is in sports, we want to do whatever we can to win, even if its wrong in doing it, by cutting corners.

If you are not prepared, you might do something about it, by playing dirty or taking shortcuts to help your team win. I was told by an outstanding athlete, by the late Chup Robinson, to play as hard as you can and to play fair, and give everything you got. If you don't win, it's your own fault that you didn't prepare and work harder than your opponent.

How true it is. I know Chup always practiced what he preached.

He once told me that if his team lost, he was mad because the other team must have practiced harder than him.

He would never put down a teammate, and if he thought someone was slacking, he would challenge them to practice harder.

Chup, like Coach Dave Cisar, wanted everyone to do their best and has always stated "perfect practice makes practice perfect," something like that.

Winning is contagious, as well as losing. No one likes or wants to lose, and it's up to each individual to come to practice every day and challenge yourself to get better each day.

I hear from some players, as well many fans state, that a certain player didn't play well and they were the cause of a loss.

That's not a good teammate, nor a good fan.

Quit taking out a loss on someone else, and challenge yourself and your teammate to work harder than you did the day before.

Everyone wants to put losses on some one else, and not take responsibility for their own faults. If we can get everyone to follow by "practice makes perfect so practice perfect," (Yes, that's what Chup and Coach Cisar stated).

Even if you win, practice harder because you don't know if your opponent is working harder than you.

I would like to add - and it's only my opinion - that, while watching the Pittsburgh Steelers play Sunday afternoon, I was distraught when the Steelers didn't come out for our National Anthem.

This bit about "peoples right for free speech" has me not liking pro sports, in football.

I'm not going to watch a sport I love to watch until Pittsburgh gets it right and all come out to STAND for our National Anthem, period.

I won't go into it very much, but it has me giving up my Fantasy Football, and I will have to start doing something else during the time that I would have used to watch the game.

I understand where they are going, but not to stand for the National Anthem is a disgrace to our country and I don't want to be a part of that. Period.

I would think that men that gets paid millions, would like to thank the men and women for giving them the opportunity to play the sport.

I do not care what they are protesting, but it has me not wanting to watch or support the NFL in any way.

There are a lot of things I can do in my free time now, and if I'm not doing something with my familly,

I will pick up and start reading and studying my BIBLE a lot more than I have.



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