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From My View For June 28

June 28, 2017
BY BRUCE CRAWFORD - Sports Writer ( , Wetzel Chronicle

Well, it's the time everyone will be going on vacation, and summer camps and clinics will be taking place. There will also be a three-week period when coaches can be with their teams to get ready for the upcoming seasons.

There have been times when a kid will have to make a decision to go on a family vacation, or to stay behind and not enjoy the family vacation. This is when an athlete must decide, to stay or go with the family.

It's one of many decisions that the student athlete must face. The coaches in this area are top-notch, and will give some leadway to the student athlete. Some of the student athletes will have summer jobs during these weeks too.

Some of the athletes will need to make more decisions. That's something they will learn. There are many lessons on life; some are easy, but still they must wave everything in consideration. Will the coach be mad if I go on vacation? Will my boss at work let me off, to go on vacation with my family, or during camps and clinics? These are all tough decisions. Some will learn the hard way and some will not.

However, I believe most of the athletes will be all right, as long as you're honest and sincere. There will be a time when you might think you made the right choice, or the wrong choice. That is something I faced heading into my junior year in school.

I played football both my freshman and sophomore years and lettered my sophomore year. I enjoyed my time in football, but during the summer heading into my junior year, I had to make a choice: to play or not to play. My best friend was going to get married, and I would not have met the women that I would marry if I didn't play football.

I would miss our team going 10-0 and not to be able to play in the OVAC football game. Everyone that lettered in my class played in that game, and I thought, looked what I had missed? However, it would have meant that I wouldn't marry the women that would deliver my three boys. I think, yes I know, I made the right decision.

Whatever you do will alter your future one way or another. Some will be on the button, but a few will not. Don't fret, it only gives you a headache.

Student athletes: remember to have get your physical completed, and participation forms turned in, before practices start in August. A word of advice: If you want to hit it off right with your coach, have these tasks done before you start practice.

The Vintage Regatta "Thunder on the River" boat races was a success. The staff there did an awesome job. After years of not having races, the fans came back in droves, and no hiccups at all took place Saturday. However, the winds were bad on Sunday, so there were no races. It was hot Saturday, and it was a nice day to have a race on the beautiful Ohio River. I hope next year maybe I can get a pass and get some better shots, and I hope I can get on one of the boats that watch the races on both ends of the race area. I think that would be an awesome view too.

It takes a lot of people to put on boat races, and from what I can tell, they had everything covered. Great job! You don't want to pick out a few who were there giving up their days for us to enjoy the show, without missing one, but you know who you are.

Being on the Park Commission, I'm just so proud of our parks. They look great, and people are using them daily - not just the pool, and the putt-putt golf, but the new and improved improved tennis courts, the hydro dam with all the fishing, and the walk and bike area, are being used. There are many other projects waiting to get started, and you will see much, much more in the future.

The softball field on Hydro Road is one of the best, if not the best, in the area, including Wheeling. There are games being played almost every day. But, to have a nice place like we have here in New Martinsville, we all must do our part and keep it clean. Pick up your trash. My parents told me, when you're camping, make it better than the way than the way it was when you got there.

The basketball area at Bruce Park is used daily too, as with the boat ramp and boat docks beside the New Martinsville fire station. We plan to keep the areas in tip-top shape, and with your help, we can keep our parks looking good.

I would like to finish off my weekly column with something that drives me crazy, and I get mad at myself when I go that way to go downtown: the railroad tracks by Ace Hardware. The railroad tracks by A-1 Rental also irritate me. The other tracks, when you drive over, don't tear up your car/truck.

These two places - one takes you downtown, and the other place you go to watch softball, soccer, and fish. I guess I can travel other ways, but sometimes I forget and get irritated.



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