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Along The Way

November 10, 2010 Along the way in our lives, we each meet many different people. Some are forgotten with the passing of time, while others remain part of our memories, even if the meeting was but for a brief momen. more »»

In Search Of The Pawpaw Tree

October 6, 2010 At this time of year when the evenings are getting cooler, I think about the smell of fresh banana bread coming from the kitchen. more »»

Privy Treasures

September 1, 2010 If I were to say buried treasure, most people think of gold and silver hidden long ago. For Tom Zahnow of Sherrard buried treasure means privie. more »»

Insect Days Of Summer

August 18, 2010 Summer has just passed midways, if you were to gauge it by our orbital path around the sun. Scientifically we still have until the third week in September to enjoy the 2010 summer season. more »»

For The Shear Joy

August 4, 2010 It is that time of year where it seems every state, county, and town has some sort of fair. The state fairs are large, gala affairs that may last two to three weeks. more »»

First West Virginia Hot Tub

July 28, 2010 Last Sunday, a heavy summer storm dumped a quick rain on the area where I liv. more »»

Happy Trails

July 20, 2010 Going once, going twice, sold for $266,000! If you’re wondering what American icon was just sold by Christie’s in New York, I will give you a hint; it has been dead and stuffed since 1965. more »»


July 7, 2010 I have heard it said that the sense of smell is perhaps the strongest of our five senses at bringing back old memories. more »»

Elderberry Storm

June 23, 2010 Recently, Louie was looking out of the window in our shop at an approaching storm. The dark clouds foreshadowed the heavy rains that closely followed the advancing darkness. more »»

The Fate Of War

June 16, 2010 The pages of history often take a great deal of time to turn. Recently the pages turned for the final time in the lives of two men separated by an ocean and countries. more »»

One Snip Star

June 9, 2010 I have always had a fascination with our nation’s history. Especially when it involves the stories of individuals that helped to build our great country. more »»

The Finder

June 2, 2010 If you were like most kids growing up, you may have spent a summer afternoon hunting for lost treasure. more »»

Wild Hickory Nuts

May 26, 2010 Have you ever looked at a pine tree and it made you hungry? Or, how about driving by a swampy area and you looked over at a stand of cattails that made you think of a nice cattail salad? If you have... more »»


May 19, 2010 Last week, I used the side of my face to stop the travel of a wayward wrench. The experience gave me the opportunity for a few brief moments to view stars of a galaxy far, far wa. more »»

Beware The Fever

February 17, 2010 Warning, states east of the Mississippi River are reporting mass cases of fever. Millions of people are suffering the effects of this common seasonal illnes. more »»

Holiday for Love

February 10, 2010 If you look at the calendar you will see a variety of days designated as holidays. Some are meant to remember things such as Groundhog Day as a way to predict the arrival of spring. more »»

Inherit The Wind

January 27, 2010 In 1960, Spencer Tracy starred in a film about what became known as the famous Scopes Monkey trial. The film was called “Inherit the Wind”. more »»

New Year’s 2010

December 30, 2009 With the rising of the sun this Friday morning, we will welcome in the second decade of the 21st centur. more »»

Angel In The Chiffarobe, Part Four of Four

December 22, 2009 Sarah was rolling crust for her apple pie when she heard the big horn at the mine sound. She knew something was terribly wrong and Will was in the mine. more »»

Angel In The Chiffarobe, Part Three of Four

December 16, 2009 Sarah and Will did not have the five dollars to send for the package of materials to train someone to read braille. They would have to work extra to earn the money. more »»



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