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NMS?Improvement Council Tells Board Of Improvements

January 4, 2012 New Martinsville School Principal Fay Pritchard detailed the Local School Improvement Council’s annual report to the Wetzel County Board of Education during their regular meeting held Nov. 7. more »»

New Year’s Smile

December 28, 2011 Feel good stories, that is how Terry Cozart once described my writings. I never really thought about them that way, but I guess that could be said. more »»

Angel With One Wing (Part 4 of 4)

December 21, 2011 He felt as though he was wandering in a place where he had never been before. The pain in his head and leg were gone. The rocky mountain side seemed far away, as if it never existed. more »»

Angel With One Wing (Part 3 of 4)

December 13, 2011 The light that surrounded Emma faded and in just a few moments the soft glow of the halo above her head was the only light Jimmy could see. more »»

Angel With One Wing (Part 2 of 4)

December 7, 2011 The night air in the Afghanistan Mountains had a cold touch of frost in it. Above the high barren hills the cloudless heavens allowed the heat of the day to slip skyward. more »»

Angel With One Wing

November 30, 2011 You first need to believe that angels really exist. You also must believe angels sometimes come from beyond the clouds and travel to earth when we need them. more »»

The House Slim Built

November 23, 2011 Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, a traditional holiday that brings family together to celebrate a time of thanks for the bounties of the past year. more »»

Hannibal Locks And Dam

November 16, 2011 The Ohio River is far from being the longest in the United States. In fact, there are 11 rivers that are longer in their course. The Mississippi length is 2,530 miles long. more »»

Veterans Day 2011

November 9, 2011 Recently, President Obama announced that American troops will be out of Iraq by year’s end, a decision some will cheer and others will be unsure of what will fill our absence. more »»

Sorry, What Did You Say?

November 2, 2011 As we get older many parts of our bodies begin to not function the way they used to. more »»

Fenton Art Glass

October 26, 2011 Recently, I heard that Fenton Art Glass in Williamstown was going to be shutting down its operations. more »»

Good Morning Breakfast

October 12, 2011 Recently, I stopped by the Wetzel Chronicle office and while there I asked Editor Amy Witschey about the new addition to her family, Andre. more »»

Canoe Craftsman

September 28, 2011 In grade school, we were taught about American Indians building canoes made from materials found in nature around them. more »»


September 14, 2011 Last Saturday morning, I took some time to visit the Field of Flags that has been part of our community for the last few weeks. more »»

The Sound Of Steam

August 31, 2011 A few weeks ago my story about steamboats prompted a call from Dick Smith. more »»

King Of the Mountain

August 31, 2011 King of the Mountain, a game many of us played when we were young. The battle to reach the top of the mountain can be hard and long fought. Eventually the best person wins by shear determination. more »»

My Secret For The Ladies

August 17, 2011 Ladies, it’s time you become outraged at being targeted by profilers—a shameless act of treating you as if you could not make decisions on your own. more »»

History That Passed Us By

August 3, 2011 For most of my life I have lived along the Ohio River and it has held a fascination for me. more »»


July 27, 2011 The singing duo of Zafer and Evans had a hit song that reached number one in July 1969. “In the Year 2525” the songwriter looks at man’s future as he develops more and more technology. more »»

Memorial Day

May 25, 2011 Each year, I write a story for the Memorial Day issue of the Wetzel Chronicle. more »»



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