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Pa Rum Pum Pum Pum

December 17, 2014 One of the things I enjoy about writing is the research I do for my stories. I find out interesting facts I never knew about the world around us. more »»

Christmas Traditions

December 10, 2014 The Christmas Holiday season is a very special time of the year. More than any other holiday, traditions are a big influence on many of the things we do in the month of Decembe. more »»

A Gift This Day For You

November 26, 2014 As you read this story, I would ask that you take a moment and remember past Thanksgivings. If you are like most people you may realize the day is about family. more »»

The Last Veteran

November 5, 2014 Each November, we honor those who served their country in a branch of the military during times of war and in peace. more »»

Book Of Women

October 29, 2014 Last week’s story was titled, Book of Man. Since that story ran it was suggested that I write a similar story about the Book of Woma. more »»

Book Of Man

October 22, 2014 A few weeks back, my wife was reading one of those women’s magazines you see near the check-out counters in grocery stores. more »»

Fred And Picklebean

October 1, 2014 Growing up in Wetzel County was a gift I did not realize until later in my life. We may not have had a professional baseball team to watch on warm summer evenings back in those days. more »»

Misdemeanor In The Moonlight

September 17, 2014 This is the last full week of summer and I want to tell you a story that takes place 46 years ago at Bruce Pool. more »»

Popsicle And A Little Faith

August 13, 2014 Not long ago, a good friend told me his sister was not feeling well. He visited with her the day before and had taken his sister some Popsicles. Although she was not well, it made her feel happ. more »»

Leather Britches

August 6, 2014 Last week, I picked up some old fashion heirloom beans to make some Leather Britches. Most folks would just call them dry beans. more »»

Time Of The Vegetarian

July 23, 2014 If you are like me, it is the time of the year when I could easily become a vegetarian, even if I have trouble spelling it. more »»

End Of Civilization

July 16, 2014 I have the good fortune every few weeks to take part in an enlightened conversation with friends over breakfast at Bob Evans. more »»

Snake Oil

June 18, 2014 A hundred years ago if you were to attend a county fair or even visit your local drug store, you may have purchased a bottle of snake oil to cure what ails you. more »»

Remembrance Of D-Day

June 4, 2014 This Friday will be the 70th anniversary of the Allied invasion of Europe, remembered as “D-Day”. General Dwight D. more »»

West Virginia’s “Mountain Monsters”

May 28, 2014 Growing up in West Virginia, I looked for adventure in the deep woods where sunlight filtered through green leaves to the ground below. more »»

Ohio Valley River Museum

May 7, 2014 Last week, I had the opportunity to visit a nearby museum dedicated to the Ohio River and the surrounding community’s history. more »»


April 23, 2014 Do you have a junk drawer in your house? Or perhaps an old shoe box stuffed in the top of the closet. If you do you are like most people, I believe, in this country. more »»

Smile When You Slide Home

April 2, 2014 After a long winter, spring returns with the sound of “Play Ball”.  For nearly 170 years, baseball has been played in our country. more »»

Thank You Charmin

March 19, 2014 Before you let your mind stray too far at the title of this week’s column let me set you at ease. This week’s story is about an act of kindness from a stranger. more »»

Agony of Defeat

March 5, 2014 The recent XXII Winter Olympics reminded me of the Wide World of Sports on CBS in the early-1970. more »»



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